For 2012, HLN Planning to Focus on the People Behind the Politics

By Alex Weprin 

Think HLN will be forgoing political coverage in 2012? Think again.

“We are definitely focused on that story, because that is going to be driving the news water cooler in this country in 2012,” HLN executive VP Scot Safon tells TVNewser.

HLN is planning to cover the 2012 elections from a decidedly different angle than the other cable news outlets however. The channel is planning to focus on the people behind the politics, by telling viewers more about the politicians themselves, as well as their families and staff.


Safon points to the recent interview Herman Cain gave to Robin Meade, as well as the follow-up stories from the channel, as what they were looking to accomplish:

As an example, Safon mentioned HLN’s 9 PM host Dr. Drew Pinsky, and how he might approach coverage of politicians:

“He has an angle on those people as he evaluates them and their public personas and their potential leadership opportunities and challenges that is different than a pundit,” Safon says.

That isn’t to say that HLN will be losing its focus on entertainment news or trial programming anytime soon. Safon says the network is eying a number of court cases to focus its attention on as it has done for the Casey Anthony trial or the Conrad Murray trial. HLN hasn’t decided what trials to cover just yet however.

“We are still waiting to find out if there will be cameras in those courtrooms,” Safon explains.

Also on tap is military coverage, albeit from a different perspective:

“We will also focus attention on military families and the huge influx of military people returning home,” Safon says. “We will spend a lot of time and attention with what is going on with them, how it impacts communities and families and people’s lives in America.”