Follow-Up: Eisner’s CNBC “Conversations”

By Brian 

Following up on this morning’s post about “Conversations With Michael Eisner:”

> Eisner appeared on CNBC to talk about the new show this morning. has the video…

> AP: “Eisner warmed up for his role last October when he filled in as guest interviewer for Charlie Rose one night on PBS. Media executive Barry Diller and actor John Travolta were his subjects.”

> Reuters: “Eisner joins a number of executives who have parlayed careers into television talk show hosts, including advertising executive Donny Deutsch and former hedge fund owner Jim Kramer.” (They spelled Cramer’s name wrong.)

> An e-mailer reacts: “My two cents about Michael Eisner’s new show is that its only worth about 2 cents…and I have two words for you as well, TRAIN WRECK! You’re a better network than this, so please do not turn yourselves into MTV!”