FNC’s Smith: “We’re A Lean Machine”

By Brian 

“Lebanon may resonate in a way it seems Iraq doesn’t because this we’re actually covering,” FNC’s Shep Smith says. “You go to a young girl’s funeral who was killed in this war; you go to a soldier’s funeral; you see wounded coming back across the border. In Iraq, we don’t see any of that. We don’t see young fighters coming home with a flag draped over their coffins… I wish I could show it.”

Here’s another excerpt from his conversation with Broadcasting & Cable:

  Fox Chairman Roger Ailes is worried about Fox News’ falling ratings, and he complains some staffers aren’t on their game. What’s your take on that?

Roger is one who always wants us to be better. We’re a lean machine that relies on quick-thinking, fast-acting, hard-working folks. They’ve said from the very beginning: We will never be the biggest, but we’ll always be the best. The day we get fat and happy and use money and resources over good thinking and smart acting, then we’ll lose, and I don’t ever want to be in that position.