FNC’s Megyn Kelly Opens Up to Glamour

By Molly Stark Dean 

Megyn Kelly, host of FNC’s “America Live,” will be featured in the November issue of Glamour.

Kelly gives advice to women about how to make the most of their lives — balancing career and home — something she learned after switching careers and later ending her first marriage. “I spent most of life from 24-31 at the office. I wasn’t going to people’s weddings, I wasn’t cultivating my marriage. I wasn’t happy.”

Kelly left a legal career for TV news, joining ABC affiliate WJLA in Washington, DC as a freelance general assignment reporter. She quickly caught the eye of FNC execs and was hired by the network in 2004.

“You can’t just coast along,” Kelly tells Glamour, “You need to be extraordinary. If you want a promotion or a raise, ask yourself, ‘How can I behave in a way to get my boss to believe I deserve one?'”

Earlier this year, after returning from maternity leave, Kelly got her first solo anchor gig with “America Live,”

“It’s all about prioritizing,” Kelly says about the balance. “I’m not out every night. You won’t see me at a lot of red carpet events. In my free time, I go home to my husband and son.”