FNC’s Greg Gutfeld on Critics, and Adam Levine

By Alex Weprin 

Fox News Channel’s “Red Eye” and “The Five” host Greg Gutfeld is the subject of this week’s “Sunday Conversation” in the Los Angeles Times. Among other topics, Gutfeld talked about FNC’s critics, including Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine, with whom the host had a bit of a feud a few weeks back.

What do you have to say to critics of Fox News who regard it as a tool of the right wing?


I always love questions like that, because no one ever says, “I don’t like Fox News.” They say, “What do you say to the critics?” In the old days, major media was outrageously liberal, but they owned all the players on the teams, they owned the ball, they owned the stadium. And when Fox News shows up to play, everyone else wants to take the ball and go home. You hear nothing but whining about Fox News because they’re kicking everybody’s butt. And I love that. The people who whine about Fox News are hypocrites — they say they’re totally tolerant, but when they run into someone who doesn’t share their assumptions, they say, “Fox News is evil, and it must be stopped.”

You had quite a cyber tiff last month with Adam Levine, when he tweeted that he wanted Fox News to stop playing his music.

I have to say that Adam Levine is truly a daring young man to go on Twitter to bash Fox News. He’s so rebellious, so subversive. I mean, for a musician, seriously, could you find a more predictable stance than that? He’s as edgy as a hacky sack, which also describes his music. So I went on there basically to lower the bar of discourse. If he’s going to rag on Fox News, I’m going to make stupid jokes about him.