FNC’s Carl Cameron: ‘Never Before’ Has He Seen a Candidate So Anti-Media

By Mark Joyella 

Fox News Channel correspondent Carl Cameron tells Politico’s Playbook “never before” has he seen a candidate as anti-media as Donald Trump.

“Trump’s senior aides, some still with him, some long gone, make no bones about the fact that part of what they were trying to do was discredit the media, knowing that there were going to be some very difficult, tough stories coming from the media about his business record among other things,” Cameron said.

Trump, who targeted NBC’s Katy Tur at a Miami rally Wednesday, has also singled out Cameron. “I’ve been hassled too. Donald Trump’s probably called me out from the podium than any other reporter mostly because he likes to exaggerate crowd size and when I report either what came up through the metal detector or the fact that there’s a few thousand people, he comes out and says that there’s 15,000 and says ‘the media’s incredibly dishonest and Campaign Carl, count em up.’ … They turn around, some laugh and some give us the finger.”