FNC’s Brandi: “It Has All Been Cleared Up”

By Brian 

The spraying of an insecticide containing diazinon was isolated and the problems have been cleared up, Dianne Brandi, Fox News VP of legal and business affairs, told TVNewser today. She backed up the comments that Roger Ailes made to staffers yesterday. “Every word that Roger uttered is true,” she said.

“We became aware of one episode back in late March,” Brandi said. “It was in the tech lounge here. We ripped up the carpet, we laid down new carpet, and we made sure that we didn’t spray again, and that was it…It has all been cleared up.”

When employees noticed bugs in the lounge, an employee tried to remedy the situation on his own. “The spraying that we did was done late at night, so that we could fix the problem quickly,” Brandi said. “An employee went downstairs and sprayed thinking that he was alleviating the problem in good faith.”

The mistake was a simple one: An employee conducted the spraying, instead of a licensed exterminator. In every other case, a licensed exterminator was used, according to Brandi.

She also stressed that OSHA is not investigating the network: There is no OSHA inquiry,” she said. FNC has already responded to the letter that was received on Monday afternoon.