FNC’s Baghdad Bureau Chief Describes Monday’s Palestine Hotel Attack

By Brian 

Gordon Robison, the Baghdad bureau chief for Fox News, has blogged about Monday’s frightening attack on the Palestine Hotel.

“Several of our own staff had close calls, but they are all, mercifully, OK,” he says. “All of the windows along one side of the hotel were blown out, and it was nothing short of a miracle that none of our staff living in those rooms happened to be in them at the time. Had they been, the flying glass would have caused serious injuries or worse.”

More: “When the first blast shook the building I thought ‘That felt like a hit.’ It seemed too loud to have been a rocket, but frighteningly close if it was a car bomb. I threw out my coffee and headed back to the newsroom — a 100 yard walk down the hotel corridor. The second blast hit just as I reached the other end of the corridor. As smoke filled the air and chaos descended on the floor we could hear a gun battle erupt outside (an attempt by the US and Iraqi soldiers guarding the compound to stop Car Bomb #3). I was on the phone to New York giving them an update when the third Car bomb went off — a cement mixer packed with explosives that almost made it through the final line of razor wire and into the hotel compound.”

Here’s the rest of the blog entry… (Via Ron Schuler’s Parlour Tricks)