FNC’ers Ride B&C’s Wave

By SteveK 

Broadcasting & Cable came out with their yearly “Next Wave of Leaders” feature today, highlighting 12 media figures who represent a, “cross-section of leaders who are driven to make subtle changes to the big picture.”

One of those is FNC correspondent Molly Henneberg. She, “is one of the many political reporters whose lives have been hijacked by the runaway train known as the 2008 race for the White House,” writes Marisa Guthrie.

Henneberg talks about her upcoming marriage. “It was just one of those meant-to-be things,” she says. “But we really did have to schedule it around the political calendar.”

Also on the list is Joe Weasel, who created ThePalestra.net, a college journalism site now in partnership with Fox News. “I really believed the whole way that people were going to consume and decipher and disseminate and aggregate information was all going to change,” he says.

Coming soon for the organization will be youth election forums on FoxNews.com and ThePalestra.net.

Click here for the full list of B&C’s Next Wave of Leaders.

(image courtesy of Broadcasting & Cable. Henneberg is pictured in the top right corner and Weasel is on the bottom row, second from the left.)