FNC To Debut Strategy Room for Super Tuesday II

By SteveK 

On CNN, it’s a Situation Room. On FNC, starting tomorrow night, it’s a Strategy Room. The Strategy Room will feature many Democratic and Republican strategists, including Karl Rove, Bob Novak and Harold Ford, Jr., who will appear periodically throughout the primary coverage on Fox News.

The Strategy Room, moderated by Brian Wilson, will also be streamed live on Foxnews.com. The other FNC analysts in The Strategy Room will be Bob Beckel, Michael Feldman, Kate Obenshain, Kirsten Powers, Scott Rasmussen, Doug Schoen and Michael Steele.

Rove joined FNC as a contributor in February, with his first appearance on air coming on Super Tuesday. This Tuesday will be Rove’s first time as one of a panel of political analysts, featuring both Democratic and Republican strategists.