FNC Should Be “A Little Nervous; But CNN Is A “Solid Ratings Disaster”

By Brian 

It’s one of the best Jon Klein quotes yet: “They sound a little nervous,” Klein said to the Dallas Morning News over the weekend, referring to Fox News. “And guess what, they should be. Because we haven’t even started trying yet.” Which begs the question: When will they start trying?

“When Jon Klein said it…I’m sure he knew FNC would come up with a response,” I blogged. It’s too great to pass up, after all, since Fox doesn’t even see CNN as competition anymore. (“CNN is not a contender,” Shep Smith said last week).

Here’s what a Fox insider told TVNewser today: “Nervous — Huh? Actually we’re laughing — Jon’s worked hard at molding CNN into a solid ratings disaster, which continues to provide endless amusement.”