FNC Late With Lunsford Breaking News?

By Brian 

Several e-mailers said FNC missed major moments in the coverage of the Jessica Lunsford story.
‘Fox News missed the press conference where the sheriff announced Jessica is dead” on Friday night, an e-mailer says. “They had a reporter there and they missed it. How?” The press conference took place during Special Report. (A FReeper says it was the lead story on the Fox Report though.) MSNBC and CNN both carried the presser.

Then on Saturday morning, when her remains were found, CNN had a report at 9:45am, while FNC didn’t carry a news alert until 10:05am — and even then, it was just a lower-third, during the business block. What’s Happening At CNN says CNN “owned” the Lunsford story…

> Update: 12:01pm: From an FNC insider: “Word around here is that the DC team categorically refuses to let non-political breaking news interrupt Special Report. Shep Smith was forced to squeeze the Lunsford news into the 6:30pm cutin, and he was none too happy about it.”