FNC Ignores White House Briefing

By Brian 

Several e-mailers think Fox News Channel is covering the latest developments in the CIA leak case less aggressively than their cable news competitors.

FNC didn’t cover this afternoon’s White House briefing, where Scott McClellan was quizzed about Bush’s involvement in the leaks. “Why didn’t they take the press briefing live like everyone else?,” one e-mailer asks. “It was a good one,” a second e-mailer says…

> Greta Van Susteren says she scrapped a planned segment on the Libby/Bush revelations after spending two hours reading the 39-page pleading. She says the more she studied it, the more complicated it seemed, “and I want to make sure I get it right.” “…It is a very important story and since so many shows were doing it, I felt comfortable being a bit more cautious and pulling back.”

> Yesterday on DaySide, Brit Hume asked an FNC chyron operator to remove the words “Libby tells prosecutors Bush authorized CIA leak” because he said it’s unclear what happened. Crooks & Liars has the video.