FNC Dominates Terror in Jordan

By Brian 

FNC’s coverage of the Jordan hotel bombings was enhanced by a producer on the scene. I kept flipping back and forth between cable news channels, and CNN seemed to wait a while before reporting on the bombings.

> “How lucky was Fox News to have a well-connected producer at one of the hotels in Jordan right after the attacks?,” an e-mailer says. “It made all the difference in their coverage and it was interesting to watch the others struggle to keep up.”

> CNN’s Christiane Amanpour on The Situation Room: “This is sadly one of those things that people thought was a matter of time.”

> “Jordan has often been the place where you could finally breathe easy,” FNC’s Steve Harrigan said. “For people who come out of Iraq or who are about to go into Iraq, it’s the place where often people have let their guard down. It’s a nice, luxury hotel — a place where you can go in pretty easily, not a heavy security presence. It’s wide open. Out in front of the hotel there are porters and valets. But you don’t see guys with machine guns or metal detectors.”

> “CNNI simulcast CNN’s Live From and The Situation Room coverage of the Jordan hotel attacks,” a tipster notes.