FNC At 10: “Camp Ailes”

By Brian 

“This place is like a teaching hospital,” Brit Hume says in Tim Cuprisin‘s recap of FNC at 10.

  Among the graduates of that teaching hospital is Jane Skinner, recently given her own dedicated hour at 1 p.m. weekdays, after eight years at Fox News.

She recalled Ailes comparing it to ‘the trenches’ and dubbing it ‘Camp Ailes.’

‘I can remember distinctly my first meeting with him,’ she said in a phone conversation. ‘He just had this great attitude. I remember walking through the newsroom — it felt young and it felt exciting.’

And Ailes continues to loom large over that newsroom.

‘He certainly does not come in our newsroom and look over our shoulders and tell us what to do,’ she said. ‘But the culture that he’s created here is unlike any other. It’s not about me, me, me, or you, you, you, it’s about putting the best product out.’