FNC Announces Inauguration Plans

By SteveK 

FNC begins its inauguration coverage at 8:30amET and continues through the Inaugural Ball at 9pmET, anchored by Bret Baier (in the morning and evening) and Chris Wallace (in the afternoon).

Some notes:

• Shepard Smith anchors on FOX from 9am-1:30pmET for affiliates to take.


• Brit Hume joins the Special Report panel usuals and Karl Rove to contribute to the coverage.

• FNC’s Facebook page will contain video clips of the Inauguration, an open wall discussion of the events and photos taken by FNC reporters during the ceremonies.

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Bret Baier will anchor the pre-Inauguration coverage of the day beginning at 8:30am et and the Inaugural ball at 9pm et and Chris Wallace will anchor the Inauguration and the Inaugural Parade.

Shepard Smith will anchor for FOX Broadcast from 9am to 1:30pm which will be available FOX affiliates to take

Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Bill Kristol, Juan Williams, Nina Easton and Karl Rove will contribute to the coverage

Megyn Kelly and Bill Hemmer cover the inaugural balls in DC with Bret Baier anchoring at 9PM ET. Molly Henneberg, James Rosen, and Griff Jenkins will also provide updates from the various balls.

Other FNC reporters contributing to the coverage: Carl Cameron and Jim Angle from the Capitol, Major Garrett and Steve Centanni from the White House, Brian Wilson from the parade route, and Shannon Bream, Jennifer Griffin and Catherine Herridge from additional locations.

“The Strategy Room” will stream live via webcast on foxnews.com throughout the day

FNC’s Facebook- will contain video clips of the Inauguration speech, an open wall discussion of the day’s events, and photo albums of images taken by FNC reporters during the ceremonies.

The coverage will broadcast live from the Times Square News AstroVision by Panasonic screen from 10:30AM to 1:00PM ET.