Flight 3407 Crash: Cable News Notes

By SteveK 

Below are some notes about the cable news coverage of the Flight 3407 crash (and some Twitter reaction and anonymous tips after the jump). Also, last night a tipster noted how long it took any cable news network to report the news — members of an Aviation forum began discussing the news at 10:41pmET. The first network TV report was at 12:03am.

• Anderson Cooper returned to the air just after 1amET, and continued anchoring until 4amET. Inside Cable News live-blogged the cable news coverage. He writes: “Update: 1:23 — I’m surprised that CNN would make an effort with its own coverage by bringing in an A talent. Another example of how CNN has just owned this story tonight.” American Morning started two hours early, picking up when Cooper left the air. CNNI’s coverage, simulcast on CNN just after MidnightET, was the first to be seen on U.S. cable news, and CNN simulcast NBC affiliate WGRZ as well.

• FNC moved between live and taped coverage for approximately an hour after it first broke in with coverage at 12:26amET. Lauren Sivan anchored, as did Julie Banderas by phone. Banderas also was able to secure an eyewitness as a guest by Twitter. She wrote, “@KeithBurtis Hi Keith, this is Julie Banderas.. I’m a host on Fox and read your tweet I am with Fox News Channel. How can I reach you?” Burtis called in several times on FNC throughout the night. Fox & Friends started early, at 5:25amET.

• MSNBC broke into taped coverage with anchor Dan Kloeffler at 12:11amET. Veteran aviation correspondent Robert Hager, now retired, joined Kloeffler as the network broadcast YouTube video and still images until they could get the live feed from affiliate WGRZ at 2amET. (Insiders tell us there were transmission issues which delayed getting the feed). MSNBC used both a simulcast of WGRZ and Kloeffler anchoring until 6amET, when Morning Joe took over. Joe Scarborough and Andrea Mitchell anchored.

Click continued to see Twitter reaction and anonymous tips about who covered the crash best…

• At 12:19am CNN via CNN International and MSNBC are covering a commuter plane crash in Buffalo, NY. FNC did a news alert at 12:17am then went back to tape.

• Plane crash coverage. CNN International. Great. Pictures live video. FOX is severely handicapped. No pics or video. Limited updates. MSNBC no video or pics. CNN is carrying live coverage of NBC affiliate. MSNBC now only carry still pics. Handicapped overnight coverage

• FNC is dropping the ball in breaking news coverage. They did another FOX News Alert then back to ads. CNN airing a live news conference via Buffalo NBC station.