Flashpoint: Live-Blog Of Q&A With Dozier; “The Impact Of One Bomb”

By Brian 

10:28am: Dozier will be back on the air for the first time Sunday morning, interviewing America’s first combat amputee…

10:24am: “I’m looking forward to going back to the Middle East,” Dozier says.

10:13am: CNN’s Cal Perry was filming at the combat hospital when Dozier was wounded. Zirinsky reached out to Jon Klein to get the footage. “They opened every single door for us,” she said. (CBS paid for the video.)

10:11am: Zirinsky: Speaking about Dozier’s work on the project: “She took it on as a reporter, and I think that’s what all of us were in awe of.”

10:07am: Kimberly Dozier said she would have been uncomfortable with a special focused on her. She described her experience as “a passport to the thing that I really wanted to get to. That day wasn’t important becasue we were there. It was important because what we happened to get caught up in… is happening to our troops 20 times a day, a couple hundred times a week, several thousand times a year, and has been for four years.”

10:01am: Dozier’s personal story served as the catalyst for a larger story about “the impact of one bomb,” Zirinsky said.

10:00am: “It became more and more obvious that there was a larger story to tell,” Zirinsky said. “We had to take a step back a bit to widen out the picture and Kim was really the first to recognize I think the enormity of the story.”

9:59am: After the bomb, Susan Zirinsky reached out to Dozier “and we began to build an e-mail relationship because she wasn’t really speaking yet…”

9:57am: Sean McManus: “The fact that she is here is a miracle. The fact that she is walking is a miracle And the fact that she now wants to get back to work is a miracle in its own right.”