Flashback: What Klein Said About O’Brien’s

By Brian 

Writing about the American Morning change in Wednesday’s WP, Howard Kurtz notes that “this is the second upheaval at the morning show in two years.” Miles O’Brien “was paired with Soledad O’Brien” 22 months ago.

Here’s what Jon Klein said about the O’Brien’s at the time:

> June 6, 2005: “In a morning television landscape littered with mindless entertainment, there will be one name you can rely on for no-nonsense news: O’Brien.”

June 7, 2005; “What’s vital in the morning is chemistry between anchors. Watching Miles handle ‘Live From,’ where he was paired with a smart, vibrant, fun, female anchor, and seeing how generous he was in sharing the spotlight and supporting and helping the co-anchor to shine; to me he’s the perfect complement to Soledad, who is smart, vibrant, fun…and the mother of four.”