Five Questions to Lester Holt

By Guest 

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Sure, you watch a lot of television news, and, yes, you conversationally refer to network anchors and executives by first name only (Diane, Wolf, Keith, Les, etc.). But how much do you really know about these people? Get ready to put your expertise to the test.

“Five Questions” is new to TVNewser. We submit five probing questions, and the good sport being interviewed gives us answers you won’t find anywhere else.

In our inaugural edition, we thank NBC’s Lester Holt for being our first interviewee.

(1) Best Vacation I Ever Took

Mendocino, California with my wife and two sons, enjoying a view of the ocean, plenty of books and board games, and a room with NO TV or Blackberry service.

(2) Most Cherished Childhood Memory

My father walking in the door after serving a year in Viet Nam. We didn’t know the exact day he would make it home and he surprised us late at night with a knock at the door. I was six at the time.

(3) I Thought the Sopranos’ Series Finale Was…

A disappointment. I shouldn’t have to sit around the water cooler the next morning writing endings to TV shows or interpreting what’s not there. For what I pay for HBO would it kill them to give us a real ending?

(4) All-Time Favorite TV Show (non-news)

Get Smart.

(5) If I Couldn’t Be a Journalist, I’d Be

A jazz musician. I play the bass on the side, and perform in clubs occasionally but since it pays zero money I’ll keep the day job.