FishBowlDC’s “Blogger Break-through”

By Brian 

Earlier today TVNewser’s cousin FishBowlDC became the first blog to ever cover a White House press briefing. Garrett Graff received a press pass after a week of phone calls. Trey Jackson has posted video of Graff’s appearance on MSNBC’s “Connected Coast to Coast.” An excerpt:

 MONICA CROWLEY: So now, do you think that since you were so successful for opening the door here for other bloggers, that we’re going to see a tidal wave of bloggers trying to apply for a White House press pass?

GARRETT GRAFF: I don’t know, I talked with Scott McClellan about that a little this afternoon, and he was very encouraging about the idea of bloggers covering the White House in general.

MSNBC titled the segment “Blogger Break-through.” Check out Garrett’s posts here…