Finally, Some Happy News For ABC

By Brian 

“ABC News gets another jolt — but this time, a happy one” is the headline on Peter Johnson‘s story about Elizabeth Vargas‘s pregnancy.

According to EP Jon Banner, Vargas “will travel when appropriate for as long as she can.”

“He says she will not travel to any danger zones and ‘will make the necessary adjustments, if she needs to, to alter her schedule. She will be gone for a couple of weeks at the end of the summer, but that’s a long way down the road.'”

Johnson notes that ABC remains committed to the two-anchor format, and “Gibson came close to succeeding the late Peter Jennings on World News, and Sawyer is a veteran ABC anchor and former CBS 60 Minutes star. So the possibility of either shifting to World News permanently can’t be ruled out…”

> Also: Gail Shister adds: “Vargas, 43, plans to work through late summer. (With Zack, she didn’t stop until the day her labor was induced.) No word on maternity leave, but last time, she took off a total of 12 weeks, according to an ABC rep.”