Fewer Correspondents On The CBS Evening News Is A Good Thing, Katie Says

By Brian 

Only four CBS correspondents made the list of top 20 most heavily used reporters on the evening newscasts in 2006. In today’s Observer piece, Katie Couric describes her thoughts about correspondent air time:

  There has been scattered conflict between the star anchor and the network’s impressive bench of on-air correspondents. Ms. Couric described herself as a ‘significant investment’ for the network — and if her bosses didn’t use her to her fullest abilities, she said, that would make her a ‘bad investment.’

‘I look at it as a good thing for the correspondents,’ Ms. Couric said over lunch one day. ‘Now, instead of having to rush to get pieces on the air every night, they get an extra day or two to work on them.’

The correspondents, and their agents, don’t uniformly see it that way.”