FBN’s Liz Claman: Trying to ‘Inform, Not Inflame’ as Ebola Rocks Markets

By Mark Joyella 

LizClamanFox Business Network anchor Liz Claman tells TVNewser she had a “jaw dropping, stomach-turning moment” Wednesday, watching the Dow drop on the heels of overnight reports a second health care worker had been diagnosed with Ebola:

Markets hate surprises, especially like that, and when European stocks opened, they suffered their biggest one-day slide since 2011.By the time U.S. markets began the trading session, the market was primed to become red-meat for the bears.

Within minutes, the Dow plunged more than 250, then 350 points. It was swift and ugly.


The markets came back by Wall Street’s close, but it was yet another high-intensity day on the job for Claman, who anchors the network’s “Countdown to the Closing Bell.” “You’ve got to be able to move really quickly,” Claman told TVNewser. “We pass each other in the halls running.”

All that running has forced Claman, who is known on Wall Street for wearing Gucci heels, to swap out her footwear. “We’ve been running and gunning so much, doing hits for different shows, I now run around in flip flops with my whole wardrobe, and I carry my heels in my purse.”

Claman’s focus, of course, is finance, not fashion. “We’re trying to take the biggest stories of the day and give people a sense of how it affects your money.” And with markets reacting to sensational stories like the spread of Ebola–which Claman says has Silicon Valley CEOs answering “what’s our plan?” questions for board members–it takes diligence to strike the right tone.

“This could be an issue. You don’t want to overstate it. But you want to inform people. Inform, but not inflame.”