FBN’s Charlie Gasparino Calls CNBC’s Ron Insana an ‘Unctuous, Disgusting, Balding Jerk’

By Mark Joyella 

GasparinoOn Fox Business Network’s “Imus in the Morning” Monday, host Don Imus asked FBN’s Charlie Gasparino about his recent Twitter feud with CNBC contributor Ron Insana.

Gasparino at first pretended not to recognize the name, and Imus described Insana as “my fat little friend” from the days when Imus simulcast his radio show on MSNBC.

“He didn’t like the reporting I’ve done,” Gasparino said of Insana, who Gasparino insisted was not a journalist but “a sycophantic suck-up to Wall Street.” Of the fight on Twitter, Gasparino said Insana threw the first punch. “This guy takes a shot at me on Twitter, so I came back at him…People in glass houses shouldn’t be throwing stones. He is an unctuous, disgusting, balding jerk…you should not be attacking my street cred as a reporter.”


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