FBN To Air on XM

By SteveK 

Fox Business Network will begin airing nationwide on XM Satellite Radio on July 14. The radio company currently has more than nine million subscribers. FBN will air on XM channel 128.

FBN’s main competitor on the tube will be right next to its radio channel — CNBC occupies channel 127. Bloomberg is also on XM (channel 129).

“With XM radio, people can access FOX Business and track their investments, wherever they are,” says EVP of Fox News, Kevin Magee in the release.


Other channels on XM include Fox News on 121 and Fox News Talk on 168.

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FOX Business Network (FBN) and XM Satellite Radio today announced that FBN will begin airing nationwide on XM on July 14th. XM, the nation’s leading satellite radio company with more than 9.3 million subscribers, will air FBN across the U.S. on XM channel 128.

In making the joint announcement, XM executive vice president of programming Eric Logan said, “FOX Business brings a great line-up of business news and analysis for XM listeners nationwide. This is the latest milestone in a long and productive partnership between FOX News and XM.”

Kevin Magee, executive vice president, FOX News, added, “FOX News and FOX News Talk are two popular XM radio channels and we are pleased to offer this additional service for listeners. With XM radio, people can access FOX Business and track their investments, wherever they are.”

Launched in October 2007, FBN is a financial news channel delivering real-time business news across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Home to leading financial journalists such as Neil Cavuto, Alexis Glick, David Asman and Liz Claman, FBN is the latest addition to XM’s 170-plus radio channels, which includes FOX News (XM 121) and FOX News Talk (XM 168).