FBN: The Write-Ups

By Chris Ariens 

10+ hours after launch Fox Business Network is now in orbit. Here are some of the write-ups on FBN’s first business day:

B&C‘s Marisa Guthrie: “The lightning round starts now. Roger Ailes, the proudly capitalistic mastermind behind Fox News Channel and one of television’s fiercest warriors, throws the switch on Fox Business Network, his biggest gambit since, well, Fox News Channel.”

UPI: “‘I throw $2 in every time I say something like ‘basis point,’ correspondent and former hedge fund trader Cody Willard told viewers, explaining the channel’s anti-jargon, anti-Wall Street position.”


ReutersKenneth Li: “‘It’s pretty analogous to The Wall Street Journal,’ [Neil] Cavuto said, describing how business world developments will be connected to general news. ‘There’s a column there for the latest business developments and there’s a column for the latest news developments and they live fairly harmoniously together.'”

Huffington Post‘s Rachel Sklar: “…we set our DVR and watched from 6 a.m. to see for ourselves. Verdict: Jovial and jocular (and actually jock-ular given the number of sports-related stories), visually pleasing, with toothily winsome ‘Money For Breakfast’ anchor Alexis Glick beaming so hard her eyes crinkled (seriously, getting a screengrab of her smiling with her eyes open is a challenge).”

(AP Photo/Richard Drew) More photos here