FBN Ratings: Why The Different Numbers?

By Chris Ariens 

More from the write-ups on FBN’s early ratings

The NYTimes version of the FBN ratings story had ratings figures that differed from the write-ups in the Chicago Tribune, the NY Daily News and The Washington Post.

The Tribune, Daily News and Post all write that FBN is averaging 6,000 viewers during the day, and 15,000 in prime time. The NYTimes story reports 6,300 are watching during the day and it does not give a prime time figure.


Okay, not a huge difference. But it does beg the question: Where did these reporters get their numbers?

• From Nielsen? Not likely, since Nielsen is not permitted to give them out because the numbers are too low to report.

• From CNBC which is within its rights to pay Nielsen for the FBN data? (which insiders tell me can cost up to $20,000/week)

• From Fox itself?

I’ve left enough space between the lines for you all to read…