FBN: Down To Business

By Chris Ariens 

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“Good morning this is the new Fox Business Network, and I’m Nicole Petallides and good morning I’m Jenna Lee.”

And with that Rupert Murdoch‘s dream of an American business channel for people on Main Street, signed on. Without a lot of welcoming the program Business Morning got right down to business. It began with a blast of headlines “while you were sleeping,” including overnight business news: a buyout offer for Tektronix, and a new chip for Hitachi. The Hitachi story included a lower third graphic branded “FOX Translator” with Petallides explaining what an ADR is.

By 5:01, the show was on to sports; the Rockies win, the Seahawks lose. And in what might be the first dig and NBC, Lee said, “the biggest highlight from the game was the one that almost didn’t happen. During a time out in the first quarter an NBC camera suspended above the field came crashing down and almost hit some of the Seahawks players.” The business travelers forecast, the weekend box office and the first live report from London correspondent Ashley Webster, followed.

The team of Lee and Petallides then promoted a big get for the new network: Alexis Glick, FBN’s VP and an anchor, sat down with Sen. Hillary Clinton. The interview is coming up at 7amET on the show Glick co-anchors with Peter Barnes called Money for Breakfast.

>More: If you weren’t up at 5amET or don’t live in one of the 30 million homes with FBN, here’s the first few minutes of programming…