FBN Buys Ad To Run During CNBC Prime, Pokes Fun At Reality Shows

By Alex Weprin 

If you were a Time Warner Cable subscriber in New York checking out CNBC’s new “CNBC Prime” block, you may have seen an ad… for Fox Business:

Yes, FBN made a local ad buy with Time Warner Cable to place ads on CNBC during its new entertainment block. CNBC had no say in the airing of the ads, but it was a little way for FBN to poke its competition a little bit. FBN also released another house ad taking aim at the CNBC Prime block.

“The reality is business doesn’t keep office hours, so we stay on the job,” a voiceover says, making light of CNBC’s decision to feature entertainment programming on Tuesday nights.


Of course, FBN doesn’t air live programming in primetime either, but rather reruns of shows that aired earlier in the day. In other words, if news breaks, both CNBC and FBN would have to break in to their primetime lineup to deliver it. Whether CNBC’s entertainment strategy or FBN’s business news replays are more “on brand” is up to viewers to decide.