Father’s Day In Profile: Chuck Todd, John Dickerson and More

By A.J. Katz 

Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd wrote a story for Parents.com about what Father’s Day means to him after losing his own dad at the age of 16: “Father’s Day is now the holiday I care about the most. It’s an opportunity to thank other fathers for being great parents, to inspire fathers to be even better parents (we all fall short), and to remind yourself you are setting an example for your kids with everything you do with them. I see it now with my dad, and while we had just 16 years together, I’ve never missed a day in the last 30 years thinking about or talking to him.”

CBS This Morning co-anchor John Dickerson writes about losing his father, being a father “and the fathers you gather along the way:” “It’s the second year where I don’t have a father to buy a gift for. I still reach for the phone to call him. I hear his echo when I make an awful pun. He was very witty, which is why his favorite picture is with the comedian Jack Benny. The mirror now informs me that I am at an age where I sometimes look like him.

Several other TV Newsers shared their favorite Father’s Day moments with Moneyish, including CNN’s Brooke Baldwin and Laurie Segall, and Fox’s Stuart Varney and Peter Doocy.