Eye Party at Black Rock

By SteveK 

The 35th floor of Black Rock, CBS’ midtown Manhattan HQ, was festive last night for the CBS Holiday Media Party. Many media and CBS personalities were in attendance for the occasion.

From The Early Show, Harry Smith was mingling as was the newest member of The Early Show, Maggie Rodriguez.

60 Minutes was represented by Steve Kroft, and Troy Roberts of 48 Hours was in attendance as well. Roberts had a busy night, however, as the 48 Hours holiday party followed the event at Black Rock.


Katie Couric was not in attendance, as she was in Florida interviewing Alex Rodriguez.

Somewhere down the block from the party, another nightly news anchor partied the night away.

PRNewser’s Jason Chupick was in attendance as well, and filed this report, with a list of the press who were spotted at the Eye party.