Explicit Language On Cable: Press Conf. Leaves Nothing To The Imagination

By Brian 

The defense attorneys in the Duke lacrosse rape case held a news conference this afternoon, and all the cable nets took it live. “The language, dealing with sex acts and body parts, was unbelievable. I couldn’t help but think of the daytime TV audience,” Brian Williams blogged.

So, for the record, we counted the number of times each sex act and body part was mentioned, according to CNN’s transcript of its 3pm hour. “Penis” was the most common word, with 14 utterances. Click continued for the rest…

    Penis: 14 times

    Sexual: 12 times

    Vagina: 8 times

    Penetration: 7 times

    Anus: 6 times

    Sex: 6 times

    Mouth: 5 times

    Vaginal: 3 times

    Oral: 1 time

    Ejaculated: 1 time