Exclusives That Aren’t: ABC Wasn’t The Only Network With Martin Shkreli Interview

By Brian Flood 

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ABC’s World News Tonight touted their interview with Martin Shkreli, the controversial CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, last night as exclusive. “ABC‘s Linsey Davis tracking him down, with the ABC News exclusive tonight,” said anchor David Muir.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t exclusive at all. Shkreli is making the rounds regarding his decision to lower the price of the company’s drug Daraprim, after widespread outrage following the decision to raise the price 4,100 percent, from $13.50 to $750 per pill.

Shkreli appeared on CBS This Morning on Tuesday, before a decision to lower the price, as well as on NBC Nightly News last night. In fact, WNT aired its Shkreli interview with Davis at roughly 6:43 p.m. ET, while Nightly News ran Andrea Mitchell’s phone interview with Shkreli at 6:35 p.m.ET. The 32-year-old CEO was also on CNBC Monday afternoon talking about why he jacked up the cost. Asked whether he would lower the price, he told CNBC emphatically, “No.” Less than 24 hours later he did, though he hasn’t said what it will cost.

Update: Shkreli stated on his private Twitter page that the announcement was “exclusively” on ABC, so perhaps he confused WNT producers himself.

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