Examining The “Implosion Of Silence”

By Brian 

Tell us what you really think, Doug Elfman. The TV critic uses his Chicago Sun-Times column inches to assert that “the media’s implosion of silence” regarding Stephen Colbert‘s WHCA talk “could be one of the final reasons many liberals use to not turn on TV news. It’s not like they feel a vested interest in the industry anyway, since it has been bought and parceled by conservatives.”

He calls Fox News “that Pravda of GOP propaganda and breeding ground for Bush appointees,” then says “only CNN still plays the journalism-school middle ground most of the time.”

He also manages to praise Comedy Central as “a place where Jon Stewart merely has to show actual clips of Bush speaking, or Condi Rice, or Cheney, or Donald Rumsfeld to elicit laughter at their hubris. If NBC News let in audiences during its broadcasts, those people might also laugh at the president.” More…