Ex-ABCer Gizbert Receives $180,000 From Employment Tribunal; He Wanted More

By Brian 

> Update: 12:46pm: “The appeal process now underway may further cut Gizbert’s take to a paltry 55,000 pounds — which won’t begin to cover his own legal fees,” an insider says…

“A television reporter who alleges he was fired by ABC because he refused to go to Iraq said Monday that he was not fairly compensated despite an employment tribunal ruling in his favor,” the AP reports.

“Former ABC News correspondent Richard Gizbert said he was informed Monday of the tribunal’s decision to award him $180,000. He had been seeking more than $3.7 million in compensation for lost earnings after his 2004 dismissal.

London-based Gizbert said he and his lawyers were puzzled by the small size of the award, given the tribunal’s ‘strongly worded and precedent-setting judgment.’ He said he had not decided whether to appeal.”

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