“Everyone At CBS Just Wants” Dan Rather “To Leave The Building,” Page Six Says

By Brian 

Listen to all the devestating insider quotes about Dan Rather at the top of today’s Page Six:

> “Dan is in constant contact with Mary” Mapes as she writes her tell-all about Memogate. “We are all in shock. I mean, she [bleeped] him and put him on the National Guard story, and now he calls her every day and helps her with the book!”

> “Mary has been sending Dan chapters of her book for him to read through. He is helping her. I don’t know if he is editing parts of it, but he is giving her information and comments.”

> “Dan has got nothing to do” at CBS. “No one at ’60 Minutes’ wants him doing pieces for them because he’s considered tainted. Everyone at CBS just wants him to leave the building but he won’t.”