Evening Newsers Send Well Wishes to Scott Pelley

By Chris Ariens 

As the longest-serving current network evening news anchor, Scott Pelley, signed off the CBS Evening News last night, he got some well wishes from his competitors along the way.

David Muir, who now becomes the longest-tenured evening newscaster at 3 years, and Lester Holt, who has anchored NBC Nightly News for 2 years.

The three evening newscasts continue to draw more than 20 million viewers each night, though all three have seen a drop in viewership since the election as viewers have flocked to cable news channels.

Anthony Mason takes over the Evening News on an interim basis starting Monday while CBS determines what the new CBS Evening News will look like in the fall. Pelley, whose been anchor for 6 years, returns full-time to 60 Minutes.