ESPN’s Midnight SportsCenter Launches September 7

By Mark Joyella 

ESPN has set a launch date of September 7 for a new midnight (ET) edition of SportsCenter hosted by Scott Van Pelt.

“Scott and a team of very talented and creative people have been working hard to be ready to launch a new and entertaining midnight SportsCenter,” said Rob King, ESPN senior vice president, SportsCenter and News. “The show will deliver what sports fans are used to from SportsCenter but in a different and fast-paced way, led by the intellect, humor and sports fandom of Scott Van Pelt.”

Van Pelt has been tasked with creating a traditional scores-and-highlights SportsCenter, but mixing in commentary. “It’s still SportsCenter,” said Van Pelt. “It’s still a show that at its core is about whatever has happened that day in sports – highlights and stories – and not a variety show. It’s our interpretation of what SportsCenter would be if you blended it with some room for commentary. The crux is that it’s SportsCenter, just our version of it.”