ESPN’s Chris Berman ‘Helped Build an Entire Industry’

By Brian Flood 

ESPN’s Chris Berman, who has been with the network since its early days in 1979, will be inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame today. Berman, also known as The Swami or Boomer, anchors the network’s NFL coverage and was an original host of the flagship program SportsCenter. The Cable Hall of Fame inductions are part of an annual conference INTX, which is The Cable Show – reimagined, taking place in Chicago this week.

“Chris has contributed so much to ESPN’s success in reaching sports fans for more than three decades,” said former ESPN president George Bodenheimer, who was inducted himself in 2008. “It is only fitting that one of the most important figures in ESPN’s history is being inducted into the Cable Hall of Fame.”

Co-Chairman Disney Media Networks and current ESPN president John Skipper added, “Fans love Boomer. He’s a special talent who brings sports to life for dads and daughters, mothers and sons, grandparents who remember when, and little leaguers who have big dreams for their futures. Chris has played a significant role in making our ESPN family what it is today, and along the way he helped build an entire industry.”

Bill Roedy, Steve Simmons, JC Sparkman, Tony Werner and Eleanor Winter join Berman as 2015 honorees.

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