ESPN2, Tennis Channel Show the Same Boring Press Conference

By Noah Davis 

I’ve been watching a lot of the US Open because it’s on television in the middle of the day, it’s fun, and Dylan Stabbleford’s preview was wonderful. Both ESPN2 and Tennis Channel are covering the event, so there’s always a good match to watch. Except when there isn’t.

About 20 minutes ago, both channels decided it would be a good idea to televise Ryan Harrison‘s press conference. Now, the kid is a great story. But… there’s no need at all to show him sitting in a room, talking to reports. It’s brutal.


Last year, Deadspin’s own Drew Magary chimed in on why networks shouldn’t televise press conferences. He’s perfectly phrased thoughts:

So let us make it clear to ESPN and the like right now: YOU NEVER NEED TO SHOW US A F*****G LIVE PRESS CONFERENCE AGAIN. EVER. They’re boring and pointless and no one wants to watch them. There’s a reason reporters are sent to press conferences. It’s so that they can watch it FOR us, then find the one decent quote uttered in the whole shitty hour, and then deliver it to us. That’s their job. It’s not ours. We don’t want that job, because it sucks and it pays nothing.

After ESPN2 cut away from the conference, Hannah Storm offered the following: “Apparently really likes to talk to the media. I think he has done great in all of his press conferences, in all of his interview. He really comes across as very mature, very well-spoken.”

Thanks Hannah! Just please don’t make us watch it. (And now Harrison is talking to Storm and Patrick McEnroe. He does look like Ryan Atwood.)