ESPN Launches Sports Bar & Grill Social Game

By Cam Martin 

Have you ever dreamed of running your own sports bar & grill? Yeah, me neither; everyone knows the majority of them fail within three years. But ESPN apparently believes that owning a sports bar is a goal for many, as they’ve just paired with Samsung to introduce a new social media game on Facebook called ESPN Sports Bar & Grill.

The game gives fans a virtual destination to run their own sports bar and grill, win over loyal customers, decorate walls with sports paraphernalia, show simulated live and on-demand games via flatscreens, get real-time scores and news, interact with friends and their sports bar and grills and more, according to ESPN’s press release.

Fans are challenged with all the day-to-day management duties of a real sports bar and grill owner. The more patrons served and kept happy, the bigger the buzz, popularity and success of the bar and grill. By earning more, owners can purchase enhancements to their sports bars to level up faster, including expansion, flatscreen TVs, the Samsung Galaxy Tabâ„¢ and TVs, posters, signs, arcade games, sports memorabilia, tables, chairs, bar stools and more. For players under the age of 21, the game experience will be customized to serving food and non-alcoholic beverages.


In short, it’s Farmville for guys and/or sportscentric women. If that’s your bag, have at it. Hard to see how something like this won’t be popular, especially since Chris Berman’s well-known comment, “You’re with me, leather,” is the chorus that greets all visitors to the game.

Not true, actually. But wouldn’t that be fun if it were?

“Following the success of ESPNU College Town, we pulled out all the bells and whistles for the launch of ESPN Sports Bar & Grill, our most integrated and real-time connected game developed to date,” said Raphael Poplock, Vice President, Games and Partnerships at ESPN. “We’re excited to continue our collaboration with Playdom in the development of sports-themed social games that reach a broad audience of both casual and passionate fans.”

Go here to join the fun on Facebook: