ESPN Fantasy Champ Has A Remarkable Story

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Winning your average fantasy football league is normally challenging enough.

Try beating out 3.1 million competitors while not having a permanent residence or computer.

That’s what Nathan Harrington of Salem, Mass. was able to do, finishing first among prize-eligible fantasy football leagues this season on

Harrington was down on his luck after a car accident prevented him from working and he was eventually forced to move from his apartment due to a rat infestation.

With his computer in storage, Harrington found a variety of ways to check his fantasy team. From knocking on strangers’ doors at the motel he was staying at to using the computer at the nursing home his father was staying, Harrington was able to scour the waiver wire.

Naturally, the one fantasy pickup that put his team over the top was Tim Tebow (Because we all know Tim Tebow is The Second Coming) by 0.8 points.

Harrington received a $3,500 Best Buy gift certificate for first place, which he sold for $2,500. With the money, he’s going to help his family move into a new apartment.

No cash prize, ESPN? C’mon now.

[H/T Deadspin]