Eric Bolling Talks NYE, Bill O’Reilly and Kissing Kimberly Guilfoyle

By Brian Flood 

Kimberly Guilfoyle and Eric Bolling will host FNC’s All-American New Year and ring in 2016 from the Knickerbocker Hotel in Times Square on New Year’s Eve at 10 p.m. ET. We caught up with Bolling to discuss New Year’s Eve, filling in for Bill O’Reilly and even who he’ll kiss at midnight.

TVNewser: Traditionally, you’re supposed to kiss someone at midnight. Will your wife be joining you in Times Square or is Kimberly the lucky lady?

Bolling: This is the biggest thing on my mind! Can you believe it? We are ringing in 2016 with Donald Trump and other presidential candidates…Times Square… ringing in a new big year, hoopla, etc… and that’s on my mind! Look, a kiss from my lovely wife first and then one from my lovely co-host…‎ guess who’s the luckiest guy in America?



TVNewser: What does Donald Trump’s involvement add to the coverage? Can we expect any other candidates to drop by?

Bolling: 2016 is a big political year with the presidency on the line. We invited all the candidates to join us. Donald Trump was the first to agree. So he will countdown to 2016. We think everyone will want to watch the countdown with us. Still waiting to hear from Hillary Clinton!

TVNewser: You often fill in for Bill O’Reilly as host of The O’Reilly Factor. Is it a lot of pressure to step on to the set of the No. 1 show in cable news and maintain its audience?

Bolling: Great question. To be honest, I just don’t get nervous doing television. I love solo hosting because it gives me the opportunity to ask poignant questions and follow up. The No Spin Zone is awesome because I can push back on the predictable answers and press guests for an answer they weren’t planning on delivering. That’s where the truth emerges. I respect Bill and the show’s outstanding producers and the numbers are proving that it’s a great team. Back up QB on the Super Bowl championship team is a great place to be.

TVNewser: What is your craziest New Year’s Eve memory?

Bolling: I plan on making them all this Thursday.

TVNewser: Can you make a few media-related predictions for 2016?

Bolling: The news media will be dominated by the race for the White House this year. I’m personally a politico junkie so I’m super excited for a big 2016 news year.

TVNewser: So, how did you spend Christmas?

Bolling: For years we have spent Christmas in Mexico with the same group of friends. 

TVNewser: OK, what’s your favorite meal in NYC? Specific restaurant and your typical order, please.

Bolling: Any Starbucks: Venti Cafe Americano no room for milk.