Elizabeth Palmer Makes Her Way to Aleppo for CBS News

By A.J. Katz 

The overwhelming majority of TV news the last few days has been focused on the health of presidential nominees Hillary Clinton, 68, and Donald Trump, 70.

Tonight’s edition of The CBS Evening News with Scott Pelley will head in a different direction, at least for a few minutes. CBS News Foreign Correspondent Elizabeth Palmer will be reporting live for the program from Aleppo, one of Syria’s most dangerous cities.

Palmer has been in Syria more than a dozen times, and is currently the only American TV journalist reporting from Syria’s largest city. (CNN’s Fred Pleitgen is in Damascus.)


“We will go out with the governor and try to speak to civilians and combatants in both sides of the line,” Palmer told TVNewser about what her report will focus on. “We hope to witness aid at last reaching the most desperate people in this embattled population of a million and a half.”

If the ceasefire holds, and it’s safe for her to do so, Palmer will continue to report from Aleppo in the coming days.