Edwards Pays And Waits

By Chris Ariens 

The John Edwards campaign paid for its two minutes, but still had to wait. After the president’s Oval Office address on troop strength and the U.S. commitment in Iraq, all the networks (except the Fox TV network special hosted by FNC’s Shepard Smith) aired the Democratic response from Sen. Jack Reed.

An Edwards campaign email obtained by TVNewser earlier today reminded potential donors, “Don’t miss John’s address tonight on MSNBC, immediately following the President.” Not only was that Edwards “address” not “immediately following” the president, it came after an MSNBC panel discussion, an interview with Edwards’ Democratic challenger Sen. Joe Biden, an interview with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, a commercial break, then more interviews, NBC’s Tim Russert then Brian Williams, and finally, two more commercial spots.

The adver-dress from John Edwards finally aired at 9:51pmET, 31 minutes after the president had finished his White House address. And it ended with the line that will become very familiar, very soon: “I’m John Edwards and I approve this message.” Or ad, or address, or platform. You get the point. Or at least the Edwards campaign hopes you do.