Edwards MSNBC Buy: Could It Backfire?

By Chris Ariens 

A political TV insider tells TVNewser the Edwards campaign ad, which will air on MSNBC after the President’s address, but before the official Democratic response from Sen. Jack Reed could backfire on the campaign. “It’s going to be covered at least somewhat as an ad, a stunt, a fundraising stunt,” the insider says.

But, the insider tells me, “the campaign is being a bit disingenuous in seeming to suggest that Democrats aren’t being given a chance to respond” when they use this line in their email: “President Bush will be on every network for free tonight. Our campaign will have to pay for the time on MSNBC.”

A TVNewser emailer puts it another way. Edwards “is addressing the nation in the same way as Head On [does] when they shill for their products. Come on…”