Earthquake #3: Correspondent Comments

By Brian 

Immediately following yesterday afternoon’s earthquake, the cable nets turned to their correspondents in California.

> CNN’s Peter Viles was in the LA bureau: “People stood up and looked around the newsroom and said this is it, earthquake, let’s get our coverage going. I didn’t do that. I stood around, looked around for a while waiting to seep if the building was going to fall down. Of course, it, didn’t. But it is — it really does freak you out a little bit if you haven’t been through it before. And I have not.”

> FNC’s Roger Friedman was at a hotel in Century City: “It was a little scary because I’m really at the top of this hotel, and you really felt it.”

All of the networks quickly alluded to the recent earthquake trend:

> FNC’s Trace Gallagher: “Believe us, it’s got us jumpy John. If you live down here, and these are part of your life, and you have three in a week, you’ve got to be concerned…I’ve been here all my life and I’m concerned about it.”

NBC’s Michael Okwu: “Not to sound like a doomsday person here, but the fact is, most people who are experienced in California and most geologists will tell you that all of these earthquakes are precursors to the big one. The question is not if it will happen but when.”