Dylan Dreyer Talks Upcoming Storm, Al Roker and English Toffee Cake

By Brian Flood 

NBC’s Weekend Today weather anchor Dylan Dreyer will cover this winter’s biggest storms, often via the Bloommobile (get a tour below). Her popularity is rising, to the point that Today’s weekday weather anchor Al Roker recently joked with TVNewser that his dangerous stunts, such as Rokerthon and Rokerthon 2, could be “the best thing that happens” to Dreyer. We caught up with Dreyer for 5 Questions about the upcoming storm, her relationship with Roker and, of course, her favorite meal.

TVNewser: So, is the Northeast going to have a blizzard this week and where will you be located to cover it?

Dreyer: As of this moment, it’s hard to say! We use the computer models as guidance, but there’s no way to give specific details this far out. Trust me, if I could, I would. The Patriots are playing this weekend and I’d love to know where I’ll be watching the game. It’s looking like it could trend a little farther South and be a bigger storm for D.C. I’m in constant communication with NBC News’ weather unit and we’ll most likely determine my marching orders on Thursday. You’ll have to tune in Friday to see where I end up. This is how it is for every winter storm I cover… watch, watch, watch, then GO!


TVNewser: What is your relationship with Al Roker like? 

Dreyer: It is an honor to work with him because he is the best of both worlds. We can talk shop about the weather and get into the nitty gritty details or we can just make each other smile and laugh. He’s serious when the weather warrants it, but always so much fun and easy to be around. We’re both usually smiling when we see each other… with a quip here, a movie quote there, and he’ll follow it up by playing or singing some sort of song.

TVNewser: You seem very humble and even admitted you were nervous for The Improper Bostonian photo shoot. How do you stay grounded as an on-air personality?

Dreyer: It’s funny because I don’t even look at it as being grounded. I have a job that I absolutely love and it just happens to be on TV. I’ve worked hard to get where I am so I appreciate what I do every day. I’ve also got two older brothers who’d give me a Charley horse real quick if I ever let this job go to my head!

Dylan Dreyer

TVNewser: What non-news shows are you currently watching on TV?

Dreyer: Of all the new, buzz-worthy shows out there right now, I’ve been watching reruns of How I Met Your Mother on Amazon Prime nonstop. I love having it on in the background because it’s hilarious and helps me just zone out for a while.

TVNewser: OK, favorite restaurant and your exact order?

Dreyer: Trattoria della Nonna in Mansfield, Mass. Even after living in NYC for years, it’s still the place I crave. I actually got to sneak there after one of my many stints covering snow in Boston last winter. My order, along with a nice Barolo:

App: Half roasted artichoke stuffed with garlic, parsley, and pancetta topped with meatballs and red sauce. The chef/owner, Kenny, taught me to recreate this dish at home and it’s almost as amazing as it is in the restaurant.

Main: Chicken milanese served with fresh baby spinach, lemon butter, fried capers, and pasta with garlic and olive oil.

Dessert: English toffee cake pudding baked with brown sugar and toffee sauce. Served with vanilla gelato. If only they were on Seamless…