During Zimmerman Trial, Defense Witness Defends His Appearance on Live TV

By Chris Ariens 

As the trial of George Zimmerman winds down, the prosecution cross-examined defense witness Dennis Root this morning. Root, who formed Dennis Root & Associates earlier this year, approached Zimmerman’s defense team to offer his help. Root calls himself “a renowned law enforcement trainer who has provided instruction dealing with force encounters on the street and within correctional facilities.”

The prosecution was trying to discredit Root by implying that he inserted himself in the case to provide a national platform for his company. Here’s the line of questioning:

Prosecutor: You’re on live television, right now, right?


Root: I believe so, yes, sir.

Prosecutor: So that’s good for your company. You would agree with that, right?

Root: I see where you’re going. It’s good for my company but there wasn’t really other options as far as approaching the State in the same way.

Prosecutor: Didn’t you think that you being a witness might do your company some good, you might get your name out there?

Root: There is no question anybody that’s seen anything about this case would be aware of the fact that it’s getting media coverage. Anybody did that their homework about me knows the fact I’m dedicated to finding the truth and supporting the truth. When I approached [Zimmerman attorney] Mr. O’Mara about it, it’s because I knew that the state would be able to gain access to somebody just like me.

During Root’s testimony the networks had to drop audio because of obscenities, however the word “asshole” got through twice on MSNBC. CNN dropped the audio in time and used the lower third: “CNN MUTING SOME HARSH LANGUAGE”